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GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.
Patrick Elvin has published a second book of walks called 40 HALF DAY WALKS IN THE SERRANIA DE RONDA AND JIMENA AREA. This is a companion volume to his first book WALKS AROUND GAUCIN which has been reissued with much better maps and with 'wikiloc' tracks.

Both books are available on and for about 10 Euros each. If you order both its free postage on!

For those of you in and around Gaucin both books are on sale in the Papeleria for 10 Euros each.  If you buy them there the profit stays local with the Papeleria rather than Amazon...

Patricks book
Leaving the Plaza del Santo Niño at 20:30hrs, the 7 km circular walk, suitable for children and dogs, will last approx. 3 hours. Difficulty: easy. It is recommended that you bring food, water and a torch. Cost 1 Euro, includes insurance.  For more information: Tel 648 043 111 (Spanish)

Ruta nocturna3
This year's Flamenco Festival will be held in the Plaza del Santo Niño on Saturday 29 July at 22:30hrs. Free admission!

Flamenco festival 2017
Please note that, in order to prioritise roadworks, the A377 from Gaucín-Casares will be CLOSED to traffic from 21 June and until 15 August apart from the following WEEKDAY times:
05:00 to 07:15hrs
15:30 to 16:30hrs
19:00 to 20:00hrs

When open, the road will only be passable with great care due to the poor surface conditions.

At all other times, which includes evenings and weekends, the road should not be used. If you do so, it will be at your own risk with regard to personal safety, damage to vehicles and possible fines from the traffic department!

Residents along the road/river, emergency services and public transport may continue to use the road at all times.
This is the run that was postponed due to the rain in April. It is an evening run open to all ages. Anyone can sign up for this, just go along to the town hall or see the website shown on the poster.

Carreras Populares 01 Jul 2017
This year's Romería San Juan will take place on Sunday 25 June, beside the bridge at the Rio Genal below Gaucín. Equine events, free paella and live music!

Romeria de San Juan 2017
El Atico notice Summer 2017
This festival takes place in Ronda from Friday to Monday and celebrates the culture, history and identity of the Serranía. Each village is represented in a procession and we are all invited to attend wearing traditional clothes of the era - basically the bandoleros costumes that were seen in our "toma de Gaucín" last week. This Friday, the 26th May, there will be a free bus going to Ronda for anyone in costume. Please contact the Ayuntamiento for more details of times etc. It is a beautiful festival and worth a visit, in costume or not!

Here is the website for more details:

Ronda Romantica2017

Please note that, due to ongoing improvements, the A-377 Gaucín-Manilva road will be closed from May 17 to July 7 between the turning to Casares and the roundabout for the AP-7 toll road. The alternative route to the coast will be via the A-7150 and MA-8300 (around the back of Casares and down to the A7 coast road).
If you are travelling from Malaga to Gaucín you can leave the AP-7 at Estepona, km 153, and pick up the A-7 coast road then turn right onto the MA-8300 at Casares Bahía. An alternative is to leave the AP-7 at km 172 and take the A-397 to Ronda then take the A-369 to Gau
Friday 12 May

20:00hrs – Old Convent building - Presentation of costumes made at the ‘taller de bandoleros’ that will be worn during the ‘Toma de Gaucín’.

Saturday 13 May

13:00hrs – We welcome our friends from the historical-cultural association ‘Villa de El Bosque’ who will be joining us as the ‘French Army’ during the ‘Toma’ celebrations. 

18:00hrs – The celebration will begin as the Municipal Band ‘Villa de Gaucín’ passes through the village streets. 

20:00hrs – The ’invading’ French troops will enter the village and march from Chaparro down Calle Luis de Armiñan (Calle Convento) to the ‘Town Hall’ (Calle Larga) which they will occupy. During their journey there will be battles between the French soldiers and local residents! Once the town hall has been taken the French troops will set up guard posts and the Mayor will be paraded through the village centre to humiliate the locals.

All residents are invited to dress up in costume and fight against the French invaders! 

Sunday 14 May

11:00hrs – We welcome our friends from Montejaque and Estación de Gaucín who will meet with local residents in Paseo de Ana Toval to form the army of guerrillas from the Serranía de Ronda.

12:00hrs – The guerrillas of the Serranía will enter the village and pass through the streets. On their way to the town hall they will be involved in several skirmishes with the French troops.

13:00hrs – The town hall will be re-taken from the French and, after the Mayor has been freed, the Spanish flag will be hoisted once again on the castle tower.

14:00hrs – Party in the centre of the village attended by both the French soldiers and the guerillas of the Serranía!