, Spain
GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.
Friday 12 May

20:00hrs – Old Convent building - Presentation of costumes made at the ‘taller de bandoleros’ that will be worn during the ‘Toma de Gaucín’.

Saturday 13 May

13:00hrs – We welcome our friends from the historical-cultural association ‘Villa de El Bosque’ who will be joining us as the ‘French Army’ during the ‘Toma’ celebrations. 

18:00hrs – The celebration will begin as the Municipal Band ‘Villa de Gaucín’ passes through the village streets. 

20:00hrs – The ’invading’ French troops will enter the village and march from Chaparro down Calle Luis de Armiñan (Calle Convento) to the ‘Town Hall’ (Calle Larga) which they will occupy. During their journey there will be battles between the French soldiers and local residents! Once the town hall has been taken the French troops will set up guard posts and the Mayor will be paraded through the village centre to humiliate the locals.

All residents are invited to dress up in costume and fight against the French invaders! 

Sunday 14 May

11:00hrs – We welcome our friends from Montejaque and Estación de Gaucín who will meet with local residents in Paseo de Ana Toval to form the army of guerrillas from the Serranía de Ronda.

12:00hrs – The guerrillas of the Serranía will enter the village and pass through the streets. On their way to the town hall they will be involved in several skirmishes with the French troops.

13:00hrs – The town hall will be re-taken from the French and, after the Mayor has been freed, the Spanish flag will be hoisted once again on the castle tower.

14:00hrs – Party in the centre of the village attended by both the French soldiers and the guerillas of the Serranía!
Just a reminder that the wonderful Art Gaucin Open Studios weekends are coming up....Come and visit the village, have a tapa or two and see the artists and their work in their studios!

At Gaucin 2017 a

At Gaucin 2017 b
On Friday 05 May at 8pm in the Casa de la Juventud there will be a presentation and reading of a book by the author Salvador Martín de Molina. Salvador was an author, born in Gaucín, who died last year and this was his last book entitled "Carmen la Desconocida".

Book launch May 2017
The 8th Toma de Gaucín, the celebration of the French invasion and subsequent re-taking of the village by local bandoleros, will take place from Friday 12 - Sunday 14 May. This wonderful fiesta, complete with lots of audience participation, has become a firm favourite with Gaucineños and visitors alike. Dress up as a bandolero from the Serrania, make some noise and defend the pueblo!

Toma cartel 2017
Restaurant Azulete is now going to open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 13:30hrs to 15:30hrs!
Due to the forecast for rain on Saturday 29 April, the Gaucin village fun run will now take place on Saturday 01 July.
This is a great, inclusive, village event and is open for all ages from toddler to "ancianos". Participants are divided into categories depending on age and the toddlers run just 300 metres. Anyone over 16 is challenged to complete the 7.5 k. There are medals and trophies and it is normally a very well organized event.
Anyone interested can sign up online at the address shown or at the Ayuntamiento (town hall) before April 27. Alternatively you can sign up on the day up to 30 minutes before the start of your race.
Carreras Populares 29 April 2017
Semana Santa 2017
Paddy and Jenny exhibition
Restaurant 'Azulete', run by Elisa Mirangels and her son, Javier, will open on Thursday 13 April.

Elisa says:

"My son has been a cook for more than 10 years; he had a restaurant in Marbella, "Casa Lola", for four years, winning several prizes including the Certificate of Excellence of "Trip Advisor"  but he has now decided to come and live in Gaucin!
The idea was to look for an interesting place to build a restaurant and we found the old 'Fuente' building. We have renewed the premises with great enthusiasm and after several months of work we are ready to offer our service to the inhabitants of Gaucin and those who visit us.
We will make traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. The idea is to offer good cuisine at competitive prices. Our menu will be changed often to be able to offer different dishes from Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. We will also have specials of the day and fresh fish. We will offer various options for vegetarians and celiacs."

Good luck to Elisa and Javier!