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GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.

Buenas Noticias, a rock band from Málaga, will be playing in the Plaza de Santo Niño at 22:30hrs on Friday 24 June to celebrate the San Juan festival.
Buenas noticias 2 
Castle opening hours
Many visitors have asked about the reason for the civil engineering works currently being undertaken in Calle Los Bancos and Calle San Juan de Dios. These works are an essential part of an ongoing project to modernise and improve the infrastructure of the village, specifically relating to the water, drainage, sewerage, electricity and telephone systems.
Great progress is being made and this phase is expected to be completed between the end of June and middle of July 2016.

Roadworks 1

Roadworks 2

Roadworks 3
As part of the Art Gaucin Open Studios event, a children's art contest will be held on Saturday 28 May. Children between 6 and 16 years old who would like to take part can register on the day, between 10:00 and 13:00hrs, at the Old Convent in Calle Convento.
Childrens art competition
A collection of short stories by Gaucín writers will be presented at the Casa de la Juventud on Friday 20 May at 19:30hrs.

Escritores de Gaucin
Just a reminder that Art Gaucín Open Studios 2016 takes place on the weekends of 20-22 and 27-29 May. Come and visit and see the artists and their work in their studios!

Art gaucin 2016 new
An exhibition of artwork by Jim Rattenbury, entitled 'The Hidden Library', will be held in El Cuartito, Calle Nueva, 70, Gaucín from Friday 13 - Sunday 29 May 2016. The opening will be on Friday 13 May at 19:00hrs.

Jim Rattenbury expo May 2016
Learn to cook bread and pastries in the wood ovens of Hermanos Guerrero, Benalauria. For more details contact Maite on 667 661 658 (English spoken).

Panaderia taller
Here are some photos from the Toma de Gaucín festival celebrated in wonderful sunshine last weekend. The event was a great success with many people joining the 'action' dressed as either French soldiers or local bandoleros. Many thanks to Maria Jose Marquez Calvente for her photos!

The bandoleros march into the village:
Toma 2016 1

French soldiers:
Toma 2016 2

The bandoleros stand firm!
Toma 2016 3

Under fire from the French:
Toma 2016 4

And again!
Toma 2016 6

There were skirmishes across the village:
Toma 2016 10

The Mayor is free and the Spanish flag flies once...
Friday 29 April

16:00hrs – Walk to the threshing circle of ‘Los Hinojales’. Leave from Paseo Ana Toval (opposite the petrol station); head up Sierra del Hacho and return to Gaucín.

20:00hrs – Presentation of costumes made at the ‘taller de bandoleros’ that will be worn during the ‘Toma de Gaucín’.

21:00hrs – Presentation of traditional costumes from the ‘romantic era’ and the Serranía de Ronda - by Faustino Peralta Carrasco.

Saturday 30 April

13:00hrs – We welcome our friends from the...