, Spain
GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.
The electoral register is now available for review in the ayuntamiento all this week and next Monday the 15th between 0900 and 1400 hrs.

If you have registered to vote in the local or the European elections in May, then you can go and check that all your details are correct, and if necessary, ask for amendments to be made. If your details are not correct then you may not be able to vote for your Mayor and Gaucin Council. 
In addition to the Lent concert in April we have a special concert this Saturday at 7pm in the church. The Tantanakuy choir will be visiting the village and will present their mix of European and Latin American music, supported by indigenous Latin American instruments. Google them and watch a clip to get a flavor of what they will be performing!
As many of you know PAD Gaucin has been active for many years in the Gaucín area, helping stray and street animals with our neutering program and in some cases finding them new homes.

To carry on the good work we desperately need new volunteers!!

This is a message to all members of our community who care enough to give back a little bit of their time, to make use of their special talent or to help out otherwise.

Gaucin carnival 2019 Place: Marquee in the Plaza Santo Niño

Saturday, March 2:
23:00 - Costume party with the live music by the group "Kalima", prizes for the three best costumes in categories: individual, couple, and group.

Sunday, March 3:
12:00 Children's costume party, prizes for all children with costumes, prizes for the three best in categories: individual, couple and group.
14:00 Carnival lunch.
16:00 Performance of carnival groups.