, Spain
GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.
8:30 - the image of the santo Nino leaves the church and proceeds through the village towards the Camino Gibraltar.
9:00 - the Romería heads down the Camino Gibraltar towards the Ermita. 
11:00 - official mass and singing from the San Pedro de Alcántara choir.
13:00 - the party begins with music by "Los Latidos", a paying bar and free paella for all.
18:30 - The journey back up the hill begins and the image is taken to the castle where it will stay until the fiestas of Santo Niño on Friday September 7 and Saturday September 8. 

If anyone would like to attend but can not walk so far due to ill health or old age then transport is available free of charge. There is no need to sign up, just show up at the taxi rank at at 9am.
At the last town hall meeting it was agreed that a review process would be initiated aimed at stricter control of of the regulations regarding intensive  livestock farming.

As part of this process any land that is of special interest, be it for environmental or tourism reasons, will be given special consideration. A full survey will take place to decide which areas in the municipal of Gaucín will  be classified as such. As a result of this decision, any existing applications for such intensive practices are to be declined and  any future proposals denied until such time as the review is completed and the official “plan general” amended. This will take at least one year to complete.
Flamenco Festival
"Del Corcho Valle del Genal"
Where: Plaza del Santo Niño
Date/Time: 28 July at 22:30
Entrance free

Singers: Antonia Contreras, José Enrique Morente (Kiki Morente)

Dancer: Lucía La Piñona

Musicians: Juan Ramón Caro, David Carmona, Francisco Vinuesa
08:00 HOUR - mountain walk in the area of Piedras del Rio. Approx 7km taking
about 3 hours. Departure from the plaza and bring breakfast.
16:00 hours - childrens baking workshop. The cakes and biscuits made will be for
the afternoon tea after the workshop. Place: Youth centre (opposite the gaso)

10:00 hours - marathon knowledge quiz for all ages, participate and have fun,
testing intelligence, skill and knowledge. Centro guadalinfo from 10:00 am to 1:00
pm and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
21:00 hours – tasting of wines from Gaucin provided by the bodegas and vineyards
"cezar" accompanied by fine ham cut by master Manolo Lobato.
21:30 hours - Elizabeth and Marcus in concert. The best of classical jazz, blues, pop
and rock.