Semana Santa

Toma de Gaucin

Feria de Gaucin

Fiesta Santo Niño
CARNIVAL (February/March)
Features chirigotas, fantastically costumed groups that sing of current events in a humorous way.

HOLY WEEK (March/April) - Palm Sunday - procession and Mass. Holy Thursday: Holy Office and procession. Good Friday: Way of the Cross, Holy Office and procession. Saturday: Easter vigil.

EASTER (March/April) - One of the most popular festivals of the year, the toro de cuerda (bull on a cord.) On Easter Sunday two bulls, one at 10 a.m. and one at 4 p.m., are let loose to run through the town, chased by the valiant. Much feasting, drinking and hilarity.

CORPUS CHRISTI - 40 days after Easter Sunday after Mass there is a procession from the Church with the Holy Sacrament, accompanied by children in their First Communion finery. The Holy Sacrament in the Monstrance is carried through the village, with stops at altars decorated with flowers and carpets, where pilgrims pray and sing.

TOMA DE GAUCIN (May) - The celebration of the French invasion and subsequent re-taking of the village by local bandoleros, the date of which varies annually. This fiesta is now well-established and has become a firm favourite with Gaucineños and visitors alike.

ANNUAL FAIR (August) - A vestige of the ancient livestock fair, the event is now in honour of patron Virgen de las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows). Features casetas, rides for children, restaurants, orchestras, dancing, performances by local groups etc. Feasting, drinking and dancing until dawn and later.

PILGRIMAGE OF THE HOLY CHILD (August) - La Romería. The image of the Santo Niño is taken in procession from the castle to the site of his apparition, now an hermitage, for a rociera (flamenco) mass followed by dancing, singing, food and drink.

FIESTAS IN HONOR OF THE SANTO NIÑO (September) - During 9 days townsfolk climb to the castle for a novena, held in the Chapel of the Holy Child. Mass is celebrated and guest preachers preach. A party is given in the main square to commemorate the apparition of the Holy Child, with processions, food, drink, music and dancing.


NEW YEAR'S EVE - A party begins at midnight in the Convento. Feasting, drinking and dancing until dawn and later.